Monday 27th January, 2020

Business Profile

The Trinidad Broadcasting Company (TBC) Limited is the nation’s first and largest radio network. The TBC Radio network germinated in 1925 as Rediffusion, a British-based company, which acquired rights to radio distribution in Trinidad. 

In 1941 the Company changed its registered name to Rediffusion (Trinidad) Limited with the objective of expanding its radio services through-out the island. 1946 saw another step in the evolution of the Trinidad Broadcasting Company (TBC) Limited branded as TBC Radio Network when Rediffusion (Trinidad) Limited launched the network.

This was based on the need to cover extra territory and the TBC was granted licensing approval to operate a radio transmitter. On August 31, 1947 the first local radio station, Radio Trinidad 730AM was born.  Today Radio Trinidad has been re-branded to Inspirational Radio 730AM, the Nation’s most established gospel radio station serving listeners both locally and regionally.

In March of 1976 TBC launched its second radio station: 95.1FM the nation’s first station on the FM Band.  Today 95.1 … “The Best Mix” has retained the ranking as the number one rated Adult Contemporary Station in Trinidad and Tobago based on the latest media survey. On New Year’s Day in 1991, the TBC launched Radio Tempo 105 FM now VIBE CT 105 FM, the first Station with an all formatted local music content.  Today this station has established itself as the first choice for Local Content and the Sports Leader.

On September 24, 1995 TBC launched it’s forth station Sangeet 106.1FM.  This station evolved from a history of over fifty years experience of East Indian programming on TBC Stations. Sangeet 106.1 … “The Superstation” has established itself as the highest rated East Indian Radio Station for local Chutney music and Current Affairs. On March 1, 2007 TBC launched its fifth station Aakash Vani 106.5 FM an easy listening Radio Station which within three months of its launch created a sensation in the market emerging as the number one rated East Indian Radio Station in Trinidad and Tobago.

On April 10th, 2011 TBC launched its sixth radio station SLAM 100.5fm – Progressive Urban. It’s the newest radio station taking over the airwaves and redefining our concept of urban music with a playlist ranging from dance to dancehall music.

The TBC Radio Network delivers 64% more listeners than the closest Radio Network Competitor. It is therefore the only Network that delivers over 100,000 listeners! TBC also makes available live streaming of its programming on the website.