DJ Darren


Hi Guys, you all know me as DJ Darren, but I’ll let you guys in on a secret – My real name is Jeevan Seenath.

I have been in the entertainment industry for the past 15 years. Yep, I always knew I wanted to be a deejay.

I first joined the Sangeet Family in 2011 as a deejay and then over the years I began announcing as well. I’m not sure which job I enjoy more. Deejaying is my first love but I also love interacting with my listeners.

“The Supernova Show” – Friday 9am – 12pm, “Saturday Fix” – 9am – 1pm.

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Get into music production, it’s my newest passion. I’m looking forward to creating music with some of your favorite artist in the near future. and I also want to expand the doubles business.

As some of you would already know I am the proud owner of Darren’s Doubles Limited. Even though running my business takes up quite a bit of my time, I couldn’t leave the entertainment industry and Sangeet behind. I love it too much! I love my fans too much!

Smooth mixing DJ.