DJ Vicky


Vikaash Ramacharitar was born into a family of music and followed in his dad’s footsteps as a DJ. Known today as DJ Vicky.

He has functioned in the music industry for over 12 years. His DJ Vicky TT brand was launched in 2011 and continues to thrive today.

He is on board the Sangeet 106 team for the past 5 years.

DJ/Engineer in “The Wake Up Show”, Monday – Friday 6 – 9am.

DJ Vicky’s future plan is to augment his conglomerate – to expand DJ Vicky TT to provide more than just music but also other media services alongside his photography brand. He also has a vision to operate a photography studio.

The DJ Vicky TT brand is one conglomerate of Vikaash Ramcharitar. He also has operations in photography and is branded as Vik-aash Photography since its inception in 2013. His DJ and Photography brands are also sub sectors of several other consortiums.

DJ Vicky’s style is not standard nor limited; in fact it is unique based on the event, the crowd’s demand along with other factors and DJ Vicky is effective at creating the right atmosphere and vibes.

Follow him on social media at DJ Vicky TT & Vik-aash Photography to learn more.